If you have any type of air conditioning system installed in your home, you probably know how to effectively operate it. At least you think you do. But many homeowners do not actually know the most efficient way to run their system. Nor do they completely understand how and why their air conditioner works or is able to produce cool air.

If you’ve ever had to call an Englewood, CO air conditioner repair company for a maintenance or service call, you probably spent a bit of time talking with the HVAC technician who visited your home and performed service on your air conditioning system. It’s probable that the technician showed you parts of your air conditioning system that you’ve never before seen. In all likelihood, you learn a great deal of information about central air conditioning each time an air conditioning repair technician visits your home! But there’s no way to learn everything there is to know about air conditioning within the short time frame that an HVAC technician is there.

If your home has a central air conditioning system, it’s a good idea to separate fact from fiction, and to understand a bit more about how your cooling system works. Here are a few tidbits of information that may help you next time your system is in need of central air conditioning repairs:

Myth: If your central air conditioning system is not able to effectively cool your home on a hot summer day, the problem is probably related to the thermostat. In reality, your thermostat is probably working and your air conditioning system is in need of repair. Any time your air conditioning is not doing a good job at cooling your home, call an Englewood, CO air conditioner repair company for a service call.

Myth: Installing and running ceiling fans in every room in your home will help keep the indoor temperature lower. A ceiling fan does not lower the temperature inside of your home. Ceiling fans can help people feel cooler because they produce a wind chill effect, but they do not actually reduce the temperature. Therefore, multiple ceiling fans will help reduce the burden on your central air conditioning system on a very hot day.

Myth: A central air conditioning system has one purpose: to cool the inside of a home or building. Actually, air conditioning systems not only cool the inside of an enclosed space, but they also remove humidity from the indoor air. In humid climates, air conditioning is very important to help prevent the growth of indoor mold.

Myth: On a very hot day, cranking the thermostat down to 50 degrees will cause the interior of your home to cool faster. Setting your thermostat for a low temperature on a hot day will not cool your home any faster than it would if the thermostat was set at your actual desired temperature.

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