split air conditioning system-energy efficiency, Denver, ColoradoIf you’ve been thinking about replacing only one component of your split air conditioning system, you should seriously reconsider.

Although this may allow you to save a few dollars initially, it can lead to expensive problems down the line. By taking the time to learn why split systems must be perfectly matched, you’ll enjoy stress-free comfort in the many years to come.

Why does my split air conditioning system need to be matched?

If the outdoor condensing unit of your split system is giving you trouble while the indoor equipment’s operating normally, you may feel tempted to replace only the failing component. Unfortunately, the indoor and outdoor units were specifically designed to work together, and when the “team” is separated, your entire system will experience a reduction in overall efficiency. The only way to ensure that your system will run both as efficiently and effectively as possible is to insist that the indoor and outdoor components are a match.

What are the benefits of a perfectly matched cooling system?

By ensuring that your indoor and outdoor units are 100 percent compatible, you’ll enjoy several benefits including:

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