Your furnace operates on a very simple premise; take in cold air, clean it with a filter, heat it, then distribute it via a blower through the duct work of your home. While today’s high efficiency furnaces operate with complex systems, some very basic preventative measures can help your furnace operate more efficiently while keeping your family safe and comfortable.
Regular Maintenance: Would you ever consider driving your car for two or three years without basic service like an oil and filter change? Granted your furnace maybe out-of-sight and out-of-mind but the number one issue with poor performance is lack of maintenance. It is imperative to maintain its safe, efficient operation that it be serviced every year and fall is the perfect time. To keep you on a schedule, consider a maintenance contract with your HVAC contractor that will keep you safe, while saving you money and energy in the long run!
Air Filters: The number one drain on efficiency and comfort is a dirty air filter – and it’s such an easy, inexpensive fix. During the heating season check it once a month – pick a day on the calendar and check it the same day every month. In peak season change it out every four to six weeks. There are a wide variety of filters that can make you more comfortable and keep your air cleaner. If you are sensitive to allergens and pollutants an electro-static or media air filter will help you breathe easier.
More Simple Steps: Because air flow is so important, make sure your registers and return air ducts are clean and open. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on low to pull the cold air from the floor. And, if you have a cold room check with your contractor to make sure your duct work is properly sealed.