size a tankless water heater, Colorado and WyomingTankless water heaters deliver hot water on demand and without the energy waste associated with traditional storage-tank water heaters. In a tankless heater, a gas-fueled or electric element heats water as the water passes through — but not until you turn on a faucet or hot-water appliance, eliminating the need to store hot water. To properly size a tankless water heater, you need to gather some detailed information about your home and your family’s water use.

To properly size a tankless water heater:

In addition to size and the number of tankless heaters you’ll need, also consider whether you want a gas or electric unit. Generally, gas-fired tankless water heaters can provide a larger flow than electric ones. However, it takes a bit more work to install a gas heater, because you have to make sure it can properly vent. If you’re looking at electric tankless water heaters, you’ll need to know the voltage required to run it and the number of amps it uses — and make sure that your circuit breaker will support it.

If you need help to size a tankless water heater or choose a model that will work for your home, contact the professionals at the Rheem Pro Partner. We serve homeowners in Colorado and Wyoming.

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