upgrading to a heat pump, Cheyenne, WyomingAn air-source heat pump provides highly efficient home cooling and heating. Correctly installed, it can deliver as much as three times more energy than it consumes. The heat pump does this by absorbing warmth from the outdoor air and releasing it in your home when it’s cold outside. The heat pump works in reverse when your home needs cooling.

When you’re choosing a heat pump, you’ll need to consider several factors, including efficiency ratings. Heat pumps have two: the heating season performance factor and the seasonal efficiency efficiency ratio.

Checking out and comparing these two ratings are an essential part of choosing a heat pump. But you may want your heat pump to have additional features. Among them:

Although heat-pump technology has advanced considerably over the years, and models for climates that get very cold are available today, most stand-alone heat pumps are best suited to climates where temperatures don’t dip below 40 degrees. Heat pump efficiency falls dramatically at that point. In the Cheyenne area, you will probably need a backup furnace for very cold winter days. This heat pump-furnace combination is called a dual-fuel system.

An HVAC contractor can help you choose the best fit for your home. For more on heat pumps, get in touch with the Rheem Pro Partner. We’re celebrating 20 years of top-notch service in our region. Give us a call.