weatherize your home for summer, Denver, ColoradoNow that you’re running your air conditioner regularly, you’re probably seeing a rise in your electric bills. You can’t do without cooling, but you can take five easy steps to weatherize your home for the summer and reduce your energy expenses.

  1. Insulate and ventilate the attic: Your attic can get unbearably hot in the summer, and the heat up there can make your air conditioner work harder. Insulate your attic if it isn’t insulated already. If you have insulation up there, add to it. Batts are easy to install yourself. If you already have insulation between the rafters, put another layer of unfaced fiberglass across the first layer. Avoid covering the soffit vents. Consider installing an attic fan, but only after making sure your soffit vents are clear, as a fan could draw the cool air out of your living space.
  2. Seal your ductwork: Rips, loose connections and other gaps in your ductwork can be a significant energy drain. Work with your contractor to make sure your ductwork is sealed tight. You can inspect and make repairs to easily accessed ductwork yourself. Have your contractor work on ductwork that’s harder to get at.
  3. Seal air leaks: Find and seal air leaks in your home’s envelope. Check for leaks around doors and windows, chimneys, electrical lines, plumbing pipes, exhaust fans and where the frame of your home and the foundation meet.
  4. Tend to the windows: Use insulating window treatments that keep the heat out. These include sunscreens that block sunlight, reflective film and interior window treatments that block and reflect sunlight. Seal around the edges of the window panes with silicone caulking.
  5. Change your habits: Simple changes can reduce your energy consumption. Keep lights low or off during the day to reduce the heat they generate. Use your oven sparingly or at night; cook with the microwave or a countertop grill. Keep your air conditioner set at 74 to 78 degrees. Leave your windows closed when it’s muggy outside.

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