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What is Smart HVAC Technology?

Smart HVAC leverages environmental sensor technology to improve performance and efficiency. Many homes already use programmable thermostats, but with today’s ever-evolving technology, these devices are only the beginning.

Smart HVAC conveniently brings many benefits to your home.

Maintenance notifications

Smart HVAC systems can send homeowners notifications to schedule regular inspections and cleanings. Smart systems can also use analytics to predict breakdowns and repairs in advance. Taking care of your equipment before something breaks down is better for you, your home and your HVAC equipment as well as for the environment and your energy bills.

Automatic adjustments and geofencing

Programmable features automatically adjust temperature settings based on the time or day. Some smart thermostats use geofencing technology, tied to your smartphone, to determine when residents of the home are approaching or leaving and automatically adjust the heating and cooling in your home.

Improved energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big concern with HVAC equipment. Smart thermostats and other measures already help with this. In the not-too-distant future, fully sensored systems could potentially detect problems such as energy losses due to leaking air ducts or an improperly sealed attic, which cause your system to be less efficient and cost more to operate.

Smart vents

Vents control the amount of hot or cold air let into each room of your home. Traditional vents must be manually opened or closed to allow or prevent airflow. Closing one vent forces more air out of the other vents, but doesn’t change the total amount of airflow. Smart vents add energy efficiency by working with the smart thermostat, which controls the total airflow. The smart vent detects activity and automatically redirects the air where it is needed, signaling the thermostat when less airflow is needed overall. Smart vents can be programmed and adjusted to accommodate individual preferences.

Smart humidifiers and air purifiers

Smart humidifiers and air purifiers can address a major issue in your home: air quality. These smart appliances can detect humidity and pollution levels in the air and respond accordingly. Purifiers can help reduce airborne allergens, while humidifiers improve air quality and make your home more comfortable. Whole home versions can be wired into your smart thermostat.

Smart window treatments

Smart windows and electronic window shades work with your smart home system to control how much light and heat come into your home through the windows with the touch of a button. Traditional windows can be converted with state-of-the-art technology for convenience and energy efficiency.

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