Believe it or not, the placement of your thermostat does make a difference. When an HVAC system is installed in a home, the air conditioner installation should include the addition of a thermostat. If the thermostat is placed in an improper spot, you can experience issues with the heating and cooling of your home during every season of the year.

The placement of your thermostat should be taken into careful consideration – especially if it would be difficult to move once it’s secured to the wall. If your thermostat is installed in a location that is not optimal, you may want to consider moving it – even if it requires a service call from an air conditioner repair company. Why? Because the improper placement of your thermostat can lead to your house not being able to maintain a desirable temperature.

Consider these locations as potentially poor locations for the placement of your thermostat:

Near a door that leads to the garage. A garage tends to get very hot in the summertime and very cold in the wintertime. Unless the door that leads from your garage to the interior of your home is well-insulated and does not allow air to leak from the garage into the house, your thermostat may not be able to get an accurate reading. A constant cold draft during the winter or warm bursts of air during the summer can cause a thermostat to think your entire home is either too cold or too hot.

Near the kitchen or laundry room. A kitchen and a laundry room can get incredibly hot at any time of the year. Ovens, stoves, dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers can produce excessive heat. If your thermostat is located near these heat-producing appliances, it can get an inaccurate reading of the temperature inside of your home. An air conditioner repair company should never advise a homeowner to place a thermostat near a kitchen or laundry room after air conditioner installation

In an area with poor circulation. Any area of your home that is secluded and/or does not receive adequate air flow is not a great spot for a thermostat. An area such as this may get unusually cold during the winter and quite hot during the summer. If your thermostat is an area such as this, it will not be able to take an accurate reading, which will cause your HVAC system to kick on when it’s not necessarily needed.

A properly placed thermostat will not only allow your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, but it should also cut down on the need for an air conditioner repair company to visit your home for problems with your system. Broomfield, CO air conditioner repairs can be kept down to a minimum with expert air conditioner installation and the correct placement of your thermostat.

If your thermostat is currently located somewhere that is not optimal, you may be able to hire an air conditioner repair company to move it after air conditioner installation. Give Rheem Pro Partner a call today!