wifi thermostatsA WiFi thermostat combines the latest technology to provide convenience with energy savings. Cooling and heating systems use the most energy of any appliance in the average household’s home, and WiFi thermostats help reduce that consumption effortlessly. Most models learn your occupancy habits automatically over the course of a few days and will auto-program themselves.

A WiFi thermostat gives you access to your home’s comfort systems from any computer or smartphone. You can monitor current settings remotely and even change the temperatures. Some of these devices are password protected, making it difficult for anyone to hack into your settings. The features that WiFi thermostats vary by manufacturer and may include:

While you can find WiFi thermostats in hardware and home improvement stores and install your own, it’s best to use an HVAC contractor to choose, install and set up the unit. If you choose one that’s not completely compatible with your system, it won’t function as efficiently.

home with a heat pump, for example, needs an intelligent recovery thermostat to keep heating costs lower in the winter. Their experience with WiFi thermostats will help you choose the best kind for your home based on the programming simplicity and level of features you want.

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