thermostats control zoning system, Denver, ColoradoMaintaining a consistent level of cooling and heating in your home can be a challenge. Even in smaller homes, rooms that are far from the air conditioner or furnace can have a temperature that’s noticeably different from rooms that are close to the HVAC system.

If your home is large and sprawling or has more than one floor, the problem of inconsistent cooling and heating can be even more significant. One thermostat cannot manage the varying temperature demands everywhere in the home. If your home has any of these cooling and heating challenges, it may be an ideal candidate for a zoning system.

A zoning system is designed to provide temperature control for a designated area or an entire floor without affecting the cooling or heating elsewhere in the home. It allows residents to customize their cooling and heating and prevent conflicts that can arise over the temperature in various parts of the home.

Homes that are ideal candidates for a zoning system 

Your home is an idea candidate for a zoning system if it has characteristics such as:


How a zoning system works

A zoning systems uses a network of motorized dampers and multiple thermostats to allow or restrict airflow from the ductwork. This provides independent areas, or zones, of temperature control. A zoning system can reduce your home energy consumption by up to 25 percent.

Rheem Pro Partner has served the Denver metro area with expert cooling and heating sales, service and maintenance for more than 20 years. Contact us for more information on zoning systems. We can help you determine if your home is an ideal candidate for a zoning system, and if it is, we can install it and help you use it in the most energy-efficient way.

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