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All air conditioning units degrade over time, with most having a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. But you can minimize degradation and get more years of life out of your AC with regular tune-ups and preventive maintenance. When a licensed Rheem pro inspects and tunes up your unit every year, it will experience less wear, less breakage, and fewer malfunctions. Take a closer look at the benefits of regular AC maintenance and how you can use this strategy to reduce your home maintenance expenses and stay comfortable throughout the seasons.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

An AC tuneup aims to optimize the unit’s performance by catching problems early, preventing wear and tear, and restoring your unit to its best possible condition. Scheduling regular AC tune-ups every year is an excellent home maintenance strategy that offers these benefits:

Energy Efficiency

When your AC isn’t performing as it should, it’s wasting a lot of energy. Constantly cycling on, overworking its motor to blow through a dirty filter, and slow cooling cycles that take hours to sync up with your thermostat will quickly make your energy bill skyrocket. But when your AC’s components are clean, well-lubricated, and operating properly, you can see immediate reductions in your energy costs.

ac tune ups in CO

Fewer Costly Emergencies

Most expensive HVAC repairs start as much smaller problems: slight refrigerant leaks, dirty filters or coils, and hardware starting to come loose or crack. The sooner a trained HVAC technician can catch these problems and resolve them with easy parts replacement or cleaning sessions, the less the total cost is for you. But once a major malfunction causes your AC to stop working, you might find yourself paying for emergency services or a completely new unit.

Better Performance

HVACs simply work better when they’re in good shape. During tune-ups, HVAC technicians perform minor repairs, apply lubricant, clean sensitive components, and test the electrical and mechanical parts to make sure they are working properly. All of these steps mean your AC can provide faster, cooler ventilation and temperature control. You can come home to a comfortably cool house all summer long.

More Peace of Mind

AC emergencies are stressful. But when you proactively schedule tuneup sessions, the risk of a costly emergency or disruption decreases significantly. You’re much less likely to have electrical problems, suddenly lose your cooling, or have to take time off work to have an unexpected HVAC repair appointment.

AC Tune-Ups

What are AC tune-ups, exactly? Depending on the service provider, they can include a limited array of basic options or a comprehensive seasonal AC service so your HVAC doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance from you. AC tune-ups can include the following:

  • Inspection: HVAC technicians will check for broken parts, refrigerant leaks, loose wiring or connections, and other indications of HVAC issues.
  • Cleaning: They can replace your air filters, clean the coils to remove dust and debris, and clean your outdoor unit.
  • Lubrication: Moving parts in your HVAC may require a new lubricant. Lubricating motors, bearings, and other moving parts will result in less wear and energy consumption due to friction.
  • Adjustments: Your technician can inspect and adjust the thermostat settings, belts, blower motor, and other parts.
  • Preventive AC Maintenance: If there are indications that your HVAC needs repairs or new parts, your technician can advise you.

Keep It Cool With Rheem Pro Partners

At Rheem Pro Partners, we’re committed to keeping our clients comfortable with reliable AC and cooling power. Along with repairs, replacements, and installations, we provide comprehensive AC tune-up services. Find a contractor near you to learn more about our tune-up services or to schedule an appointment.


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